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  • Our Soup Kitchen

    5. March 2021 by

    This is Harmony’s Angels A soup kitchen run by Chrislyn It started as a Covid 19 response and is now looking to be a permanent entity in Vrygrond Here’s a small compilation of the cooking and dishing out to the people so far Furthermore, they are a part of Amava Oluntus amazing Grow Bag Project,… Read more

  • Introducing new sponsor! Blümchen Stoffwindeln

    8. November 2019 by

    We are proud to present our newest sponsor! A big and grateful thank you goes out to Blümchen StoffWindeln Company who has been so generous and have chosen to donate 900 reusable sanitary pads to The Heather Anne Project! Blümchen StoffWindeln is an Austrian company who makes washable, and therefore reusable, sanitary pads made out of… Read more

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